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Hi, I'm Jess.

Spiritual Guide & Holistic Healer

Welcome to Joyfully Human.


I facilitate mind-body-spirit integration.

Your soul is here to fall in love with your human. Let’s enjoy our time here on Earth together.

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  • Consciousness Mapping

  • Functional Movement

  • Chakras & The Energy Body

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  • Live Yoga Classes

  • Inner Work Experiences

  • Workshops

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  • Human Design

  • Cosmic Design

  • Gene Keys

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Individualized Holistic & Spiritual-Based Counseling to reunite body-mind-spirit.

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My Story

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If you’ve ever felt like you aren’t enough.


If you’ve ever felt like you need to earn love.


If you’ve ever been so anxious you can’t leave the fetal position. If you’ve ever wondered why you understand spiritual reality, but can’t seem to surrender and “feel” better. If you’ve ever stayed awake at night wondering if you’re making a difference. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t heal even though it seems like you have all of tools and “answers” to do so…


I see you. I AM you.

Four years ago I found myself completely lost and utterly defeated. I had just finished my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree and was frantically attempting to convert my seven years of academic knowledge into actually helping living, breathing, humans with their very real pain and dysfunction. On top of that, I was mid-divorce, moving back into my parent’s house, healing my own inner child trauma and confronting years-worth of neglected health problems and injuries. I had so many questions about healthcare and healing in general. Why do some people seem to get better even with the odds are against them, while others with far simpler concerns fail every intervention in the book? And why was I falling into the second category?

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Slowly I discovered a spiritual reality, and began to connect it to the medical/scientific world that had been home to me for over a decade. I poured through book after book, course after course, all coming to the same conclusions: the energetic frequency of love is what heals, and supports all life on the planet. It seemed that if any true investigator dedicated to finding Truth followed the rabbit hole far enough, they would eventually come to the conclusion that love is the most logical answer. As my good friend and mentor Mathew always says, “the great scientists of today are the mystics of tomorrow.”

I know what you’re thinking, “but Jessie, this is all light and fluffy… What can we actually do to feel this love and release our suffering?”

I have dedicated years to answering that very question.

Through energetic, spiritual, psychological, physiological, biomechanical, and practical modalities, I am committed to helping you shed all of the layers that keep you from remembering the truth of who you are, to bridge your spiritual and your physical experience.

I’m here to help you enjoy being human.

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"People don't need help.

People need love."

- Richard Rudd





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Connect with Jessie

Instagram: @joyfullyhuman

Thank you for being here!

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