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Human Design x Cosmic Design x Gene Keys

2-Hour Deep Dive with emphasis on the physical body, as well as mind-body-spirit cohesion.


These readings generally cover the centers, definition type and mode, and the Incarnation Cross (Gene Keys Activation Sequence) of BOTH your Traditional (Tropical) Human Design and your Cosmic Design (True Sidereal Human Design) + whatever else intuitively jumps out at me and whatever you specify you’d like guidance with prior to our call.

Why Cosmic Design (True Sidereal Human Design)?


Cosmic Design takes into account the accurate position of the planets at the time of birth in relation to how the stars appear in the sky, whereas Traditional (Tropical Astrology-based) Human Design takes into account the intimate relationship between the Sun and Earth as well as the seasons.


I have found Traditional/Tropical Human Design to be extremely helpful in describing how we interface with the material plane, and Cosmic Design to provide powerful insights into our Soul’s nature and mission. Combining the two results in a full picture of our body-mind-spirit connection.

2-Hour Recorded Zoom Call

$333 USD

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