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Discover the Secret

  • to raising your vibration

  • to maintaining peace & joy

  • to understanding your relationships 

  • to revealing your patterns & healing your traumas

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Consciousness Mapping uses and expands on the Levels of Consciousness, developed and calibrated by Dr. David R Hawkins. Each Level of Consciousness expresses an energetic frequency on a logarithmic scale between 1-1000 – 1 being the lowest amount of energy able to sustain life in a human body, and 1000 representing the highest vibration possible for a human form. Within his 20 years of research, Dr. Hawkins conducted more than 250,000 calibrations to generate and validate this highly specified system.


On a practical standpoint, the Levels of Consciousness provide a framework for our awareness. Our brains are a computer; the Levels of Consciousness provide the software. Every thought we have carries a specific vibration, and we perceive everything through the Level of Consciousness of which we are currently engaged.


When we are aware of our Levels of Consciousness, we can specifically reprogram our thoughts and intentionally focus our attention on higher energy themes. This not only unlocks an immense amount of potential, but also allows us to understand others from a more compassionate lens AND take back our own power.

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When we take responsibility for our own vibration, we are no longer victims to our external circumstances.


This newfound liberation maximizes our happiness, creates cohesion in our everyday relationships, and allows us to serve humanity from our highest potential. Through this exquisite process, we remember the Truth of Who We Really Are.

In This Course, You Will Learn

How to Recognize, Transcend, & Integrate

Each Level of Consciousness

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